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Are you struggling to decide where to go on your next photography trip?

If you are, then look no further.

These 5 places to visit for photography are exactly what you’re searching for.

So prepare to be inspired, book some tickets and pack your camera.

These are some of the most beautiful places to photograph in the world…

1. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is one of the best places to visit for photography
Credit: Marc Zimmer

The Faroe Islands are quickly becoming one of the top choice holiday destinations for photographers. They’re full of stunning landscape photography locations.

Many say that the Faroe Islands are the ‘new Iceland’.

The islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark but are self-governing. Recently they have started to become a popular tourist destination but are still, for the most part, unspoilt.

The weather is the most changing aspect of photographing the Faroe Islands. Often it’s overcast, grey and dull but it’s this weather that gives images taken there a very distinctive look and feel, that is unmistakably Faroese.

Vatnavegur, Faroe Islands
Credit: Annie Spratt

2. Provence, France

Monastery in Provence
Credit: Walkerssk

France is the land of beauty and romance. So it’s no shock that the country oozes perfect picture postcard scenes just waiting to be shot.

Especially in the region of Provence.

The region produces a lot of lavender which is often grown in fields belonging to old monasteries. They grow the lavender in perfectly straight lines and it blooms in June, July and August.

The result is spectacular.

Lavender Fields France
Credit: Vincent Brassinne

3. Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Credit: Dirk Spijkers

Patagonia is home to some of the world’s most impressive landscapes, so of course the South American region made it onto this list.

Spread across two countries, Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is famous for its rugged mountain ranges and sprawling glaciers. It’s just one of those places photographers should visit at least once in their life. 

If you love hiking through the mountains and love photography then you should seriously consider looking into visiting Patagonia.

Torres del Paine Patagonia
Credit: Hector Marquez

4. South Island, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Lake Tekapo – Credit: Tobias Keller

Ok, so New Zealand’s South Island is quite a general destination.

After all, it’s pretty much half of a whole country.

But the South Island is full of too many amazing photography locations to choose just one.

The popular thing to do, amongst non-photographers and photographers alike, is to rent either a car or a motorhome and set off on a road trip. That way you’ll be able to see the sights found off the beaten path.

The southern part of New Zealand is full of lakes, mountains and pristine nature. It’s what landscape photographers dream about.

Wanaka, New Zealand Places to Visit for Photography
Wanaka – Credit: Ken Cheung

5. Canyonlands National Park, USA

Credit: Caroline Dinouard

When you think of the great National Parks for photography in the United States people tend to think of places like ZionBryce Canyon or Grand Canyon National Park.

But one of the most spectacular national parks is the pockmarked, desert-like landscape that is Canyonlands National Park.

Canyonlands is also one of the best national parks in the USA if you like to do things at your own pace. You can easily take self-guided tours of the area so you aren’t tied to a group of other people and a tour guide.

Canyonlands National Park
Credit: Lisa Redfern

Out of these 5 places to visit for photography, which is your favourite?

Do you prefer the dry, desert-like conditions of Canyonlands National Park? Or the picturesque French countryside?

Or maybe you have a different idea of what makes the best vacation spot for photographers?

Whichever it is, I want to hear about it in the comments below.

And after you’ve done that, check out the top 10 national parks for photography in Europe for more travel inspiration.



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