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World of Travel Photography – I’ve Moved!

I've Moved - World of Travel Photography
Welcome to the new home - World of Travel Photography! The last week I haven't been that active on social media, uploading new photos etc… The reason is that I’ve been working on changing the domain name of this site from charliesnaps.com to worldoftravelphotography.com which, if anyone is familiar with web development will know that it is more than tedious.…read more
North America

Guide To Antelope Canyon. A Travel Photographer’s Dream

Antelope Canyon Composition
Have you ever heard of Antelope Canyon? Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful yet challenging places in the world to photograph. Located in the deep American Southwest, you will have to overcome a number of difficulties if you want to get that shot which will have your landscape photographer friends turning a vibrant shade of emerald green with…read more