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So, You Want to Get into Travel Photography?

Travel Photography
What exactly is travel photography anyway? At first you might think that the answer to what travel photography is, is a simple one. Well unlike say, landscape or portrait photography it’s not so clear cut. Travel photography can involve elements of landscape shooting, portraits or even product photography. For example, you know what you’re going to be photographing as a…read more
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An Alternative Road Trip: How I FELL in Love With The Baltic States

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The beautiful Baltic States... Have you ever heard of the former USSR countries by the Baltic Sea? No matter the answer, these countries are not the most touristy destinations and that is a sin. They definitely should find a way onto everyone’s European bucket list. Some of the Baltic States have not yet been discovered like other countries have in…read more
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The Recipe for Becoming a Successful Travel Photographer

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What is travel photography? Most people assume that it involves lots of all-expenses-paid travel to exotic destinations and maybe taking some nice photos to keep your editor back home happy. Well I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s not quite like that. The idea many people have in their heads of photographers sitting in their office surrounded by…read more
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All The Equipment You Will Need To Become a Great Travel Photographer

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It might seem basic to some, but to others knowing what equipment you should and shouldn't spend your money on when it comes to travel photography isn't so obvious. You’ll hear every photographer saying the same thing “the question I get asked the most is what camera do you use?”. Which is fair enough, no one should be worried about…read more
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Filter Systems 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Different Filter Systems

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Filters are what is going to turn your photos from good ones into great ones. This is a technical summery of the different systems, if you want to read more about how, when and why to use them check out this other resource I’ve written that includes a section on best practises when using filters then come back here after.…read more
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Stunning Photography & Finding A Head For Heights In Zion National Park

Zion National Park Featured Image
Why Zion National Park in Utah should be at the top of your photography bucket list... Article written by Morgan McClanahan Zion National Park is one of the busiest National Parks that I've been to. Understandably so, Zion is an awesome place filled with all sorts of hikes for everyone. There's wheelchair and stroller accessible walks and good little family…read more