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WTP – World of Travel Photography is an online magazine providing you with the inspiration & knowledge to become location independent through travel photography.

Our in-house authors and regular guest contributors share everything from personal stories about their adventures around the world, to the latest travel photography news and tips on how you can become a modern day digital nomad using your camera and laptop.

From personal accounts of epic adventures discovering uninhabited islands in The Bahamas to topical news articles covering the latest tech releases.

If you need a new online hang out then you’ve found it here at WTP. Our homepage is a constantly updating hub of content in all formats, so make sure you check in regularly. In the mean time, if you love stunning photography, here’s a little bonus you won’t find on the site.

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The WTP Team.

About The WTP Contributors

World of Travel Photography has become a platform for undiscovered talents to find a voice and find their audience. In the early stages, everyone knows how hard it can be to gain followers or have their work seen no matter how good it may be. That’s why, in the blogging world, guest posting for other bigger blogs became so popular.

However, these days it’s becoming increasingly hard to find guest posting opportunities as big bloggers get a ton of pitches every week. Most of the time you end up getting told no, if you even get a reply at all.

So we have to opened up World of Travel Photography to people who have genuinely great quality content to contribute. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best content, and to help any content creator who wants help.

If you want to know more about what WTP can do for you as a budding writer or photographer click here to see our submission guidelines.