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Taking your drone photography to the next level…

In this quick video from Mango Street, you’ll learn about 6 awesome tips to really help elevate your drone photography skills.

Since drones have become so commonplace recently, you need to think outside of the box a little to make your work stand out from the rest. Gone are the days of simply throwing a drone up into the air and snapping away to wow people, you need to put a little more thought into your photos.

Lucky though it’s not so difficult.

The 6 tips that are covered in the video above are:

  1. Using Google Earth to scout out cool locations to photograph.
  2. Shooting in manual RAW mode to achieve the best quality images that give you better flexibility in terms of editing and what the best settings are to use on your drone to achieve this.
  3. Positioning the camera directly down and searching for symmetry in your compositions.
  4. Using the drone’s portrait mode to get the best looking photos for Instagram.
  5. How to use Lightroom properly to organise and merge HDR shots.
  6. Using tripod mode to capture slow and cinematic looking video.


Featured Image Credit: Carlos Segura Oliva

Charlie, originally from the UK but currently based in Spain, is a travel photographer and writer. For the last few years he has been lucky enough to turn his passion for travel and photography into his full time job by working with some of the most well known brands out there & is always on the lookout for his next adventure wherever that may be.

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