A 9 Minute Masterclass In Composition For Beginners

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about composition for beginners…

Don’t go anywhere.

Composition is a tricky beast to tame when you first get into photography. But it becomes second nature with a little practise.

The video above is from the very talented photographer, Saurav Sinha.

In just over nine minutes he perfectly explains┬ácomposition in photography for beginners. After finding his video we just had to share it since it’s such a great resource for anyone of you who struggle with composing images.

He talks about six elements of composition and explains how, why and when you should use each.

The six things he covers in his video are:

1. The Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds composition for beginners

Perhaps the most basic, but sometimes overlooked, way of composing photographs.

2. Leading Lines

Composition for beginners leading lines
Credit: Austin Smart

An extremely powerful way of drawing the viewer’s eye towards the point in an image you want them to focus on.

3. Foreground Interest

Composition For Beginners Foreground Interest
Credit: Hugo Kemmel

Landscape photographers listen up. Detailed foreground interest can take a good scene and turn it into a great one.

4. Focal Length

Focal Length
Credit: Zac Ong

It’s not just for zooming in on a subject. Focal length completely changes the feel of an image and rearranges elements without you having to move a step.

5. Aperture

Credit: Hugo Kemmel

Aperture is only part of the exposure triangle and nothing to do with composition, right?

Well if you want to isolate a subject from a boring or noisy, and distracting, background then mastering aperture is vital.

6. Placing a Person in an Image

Placing a Person in an Image
Credit: Jeremy Vessey

Adding scale and depth to an image by including a human element can make an otherwise flat and boring photo into a 3D portrayal of a landscape that oozes depth and scale.

Whether you’re a beginner, or just want to brush up on the basics…

Pour yourself a drink, sit back and spend the next nine minutes watching the above tutorial on composition for beginners.

Then go outside with your camera in hand and practise, practise, practise.



SOURCESaurav Sinha
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