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10 Of The Best Travel Photos On The Net

A selection of the best travel photos we could find

It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing with your own photography that sometimes we forget to step back and take in what other people around us are creating. So we picked out 10 of the best travel photos from across the internet so you can get inspired to challenge yourself and become a better photographer.

The 10 photos above are by talented photographers from all over the world. You can click on one to enlarge it and get a closer look.

The best travel photos result from years of hard work and dedication. You should be inspired when you see an amazing image even though it’s easy to think to yourself that you may never be able to get to that level. We’ve all been there no mater what industry you’re in, you look around and think how am I ever going to be able to compete with such a high standard?

Well the thing you don’t see is the thousands of burner images these photographers will have taken, that have never seen the light of day, before they got to the one you’re seeing.

Everyone has to go on their own journey so use other people’s work as inspiration, something to draw from and build on. It’s good to search the internet for other people’s images whether that be on Instagram, Flickr or right here on WTP.

Hopefully this helps to motivate you to get into travel photography and feed your passion.

Photo credit in order of appearance

Colour in Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. Ronald Cuyan

Chang Mai Elephant Eye. Chang Man, Thailand. Inbetween Architects

Rural Church in the Snow. Vík, Iceland. Jon Flobrant

A Man & His Dugout. West Papua, Indonesia. Michael I’Anson

Ancient Asian Warriors. Bangkok, Thailand. Sasint

Farmers in Vietnam. Hon Khoi, Vietnam. Quangpraha

Camels in the Desert. Dallol, Ethiopia. Trevor Cole

Yosemite Valley View. Yosemite Valley, United States. Rodrigo Soares

Dust in the Wind. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. David Rodrigo

Skateboarder by the Golden Gate Bridge. San Fransisco, United States. William Bout

An already accomplished travel writer from the UK, Jack is now a fully fledged part of the WTP in-house contributor team. Based out of the digital nomad hotspot of Chiang Mai in Thailand he shares his knowledge of years living the digital nomad lifestyle from his point of view.

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