Beautiful Sunsets

If you’re a sucker for beautiful sunsets, then look no further…

There’s nothing better after a day spent travelling and exploring than sitting on a beach or at a viewpoint and watching a beautiful sunset. It’s one of two chances you get everyday to witness a genuine phenomenon, and let’s face it sunsets are a lot easier than waking up at the crack of dawn to see the sun rise.

Although making the effort to get up for sunrise does give you something else, peace and quite from the crowds.

But this is about sunsets, so let’s get into it.

Grand Cayman

Apart from being known as a tax haven, Grand Cayman consistently has beautiful sunsets almost everyday.

Beautiful Sunsets Grand Cayman
Credit: Versello

Not only do they have amazing sunsets but you’re on an island in the Caribbean. Sit on the beach, under a palm tree, with a cocktail and see the day out in style.

Maui, Hawaii

Sticking with the island theme, Maui in Hawaii has to get a mention.

A beautiful sunset on Maui, Hawaii
Credit: Ruediger Gros

When you’re on an island in the middle of the Pacific with an uninterrupted view as far as the eye can see out across the ocean, you’re always going to be in for a treat come sunset. You get to see every inch of the fire ball slowly drop below the earth’s curve and disappear.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

In total 74 islands make up the Whitsunday Islands so it’s hard to suggest just one. It’s the combination of the great sunsets you get along with the surroundings you find yourself in that make it a perfect spot to watch the sun go down at the end of the day.

Whitsunday Islands Sunset
Sunset from One Tree Hill, Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands. Credit: Russell Charters

The islands are popular with sailors and there are plenty of sailing tours to go on. I’m sure the views from a boat are stunning if you can’t decide which island to visit.

Zion National Park

If landscape photography is your thing you can’t get much better light than the golden rays that bath Zion Nation Park during sunset hours.

Zion National Park
The Watchman, Zion National Park. Credit: NikonKnight

Instead of watching the sun drop below the horizon, use the opportunity to get some great landscape photos. When the sun is low in the sky its rays have to pass through more of the earth’s atmosphere. This defuses it perfectly and the end result is soft, flattering golden light that makes scenes look great.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Greece is picture perfect, but what would make it even better? Yep you guessed it, a beautiful sunset.

Santorini Greece Beautiful Sunset
Credit: Gurwinder Singh

So there you have it, 5 of the best places in the world to watch the sunset.

Of course there are plenty more places to find a beautiful sunset around the world, but these are my 5 choices. If you think you know somewhere that should be added to the list, drop it down in the comments below.



  1. Beautiful list, although I would definetely add Porto to it, or precisely the Matosinhos beach, the sunsets there are stunning! <3


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