Some Of The Best Travel Photographers You Should Be Following

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These are some of the best travel photographers you’ll find on the internet!

With so many photographers lurking in all corners of the internet these days it’s a tough job finding the truly amazing and inspiring ones to follow. Some of the best travel photographers out there are hidden away in the depths of Instagram where the spotlight doesn’t shine.

Of course some are more well known than others though, and this list is going to be a nice mix of both. It’s not easy becoming a travel photographer so when we find talented individuals we should be celebrating them!

Brendan van Son

Brendan is hardly new to the travel photography game, and he has already amassed a following that shows it. His YouTube channel has recently crossed the 50,000 subscriber milestone and his Instagram account has over 82k followers.

He uploads almost daily vlogs to his YouTube channel documenting his life as a travel photographer. So if you’re not subscribed already, you should be.

Brendan is a living embodiment of what it means to be a travel photographer. Always on the go and in a different country every other week.

He’s just finished leading a workshop in the Philippines. Make sure you keep and eye out for the next one if you want a hands on experience of what it takes to travel the world using your camera to fund it.

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This is a guy that deserves way more followers than he has. He still has an impressive 1371 followers at the time of writing this article, but seeing as there are people who have half the talent he does out there with many more followers it doesn’t seem right.

Scrolling through his gallery you really get a sense of his style. The bold, but not over powering, colours mixed with silky smooth long exposures makes everything flow beautifully. The way he portrays Oahu, Hawaii will make you want to pack your bags and head there immediately.

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Max Rive

Max Rive is another professional travel photographer with an eye watering amount of followers. On Instagram he’s currently standing at a cool 1.3 million.

His dark and moody landscape images are full of contrast and attitude. As soon as you see one of his images you can tell he was the one who shot it.

With a whole bunch of awards to his name, and after being featured in a long list of well known publications, it’s safe to say Max Rive is one of the most successful travel photographers out there.

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Monica Sauro

Another huge talent who deserves much more exposure is Monica Sauro. She’s an 18 year old from Italy who calls herself a digital artist. Her beautifully shot images come together to form a stunning gallery that effortlessly flows from one image to the next.

If you like digital art and awesome photoshop skills then you need to be following Monica. Check out her Instagram page to get a real feel for her style.

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Thomas Heaton

So Thomas Heaton isn’t strictly a travel photographer, he’s more focused on landscape photography. But since his YouTube channel blew up in the last year or two he’s been able to take his viewers with him on advantures photographing Iceland, the USA, Namibia and more.

His well thought out and methodical approach to photography can only inspire you to pick up the camera and get outside.

His videos are calming, inspiring and educational all at the same time. You’ll learn that snapping away and ending up with 100’s of photos isn’t the way to do things by following him. He will often come away with only one or two photos from a days hike up a mountain, but those one or two photos will blow you away.

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So there you have it, 5 of the best travel photographers that you should be following. Head over their way and show them some love! Want more inspiration from some of the best travel photographers on the internet? Read this article about travel photography advice from 7 pro travel photographers.