The Perito Moreno Glacier

The World’s Top 5 Most Beautiful Landscapes To Photograph In 2017

Pack your bags, here are 5 beautiful landscapes that will blow your mind

Whittling down all of the beautiful landscapes in the world into a list of 5 is by no means an easy task, and this is also far from a complete list, but I have put these 5 places together based on their uniqueness and their natural photogenic beauty. There are so many places that would fit in perfectly here but these are the 5 that made the cut.

I always love to hear about new places that people may not have heard of, so if you know any then leave a comment below. I might just add it to the list!

1) Bryce Canyon – Utah, United States

The USA being such a vast country there are bound to be some extraordinarily beautiful landscapes to shoot. Like the famous Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon is one of them.

Bryce Canyon Landscape
Bryce Canyon

Given the fact that it’s called Bryce ‘Canyon’ you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is indeed just that, a canyon. It’s not, it is actually a collection of natural rock formations that span over roughly 145 km2. For me there are two main reasons why Bryce Canyon makes for a perfect landscape photography shoot.

Number 1 is the location. It sits not too far away from Zion National Park but in a much more remote area. This means most recreational visitors head to Zion over Bruce Canyon, which gives you a better chance at capturing unique photos that other photographers don’t have.

Number 2 is the abstract rock formations which, depending on the angle and composition of an image, can look either perfectly uniformed or completely chaotic. Being able to get a totally different style of photo from the same location really allows you to get creative when framing your shots.

2) Vatnajökull – Iceland

Vatnajökull, or Vatna Glacier if you have trouble speaking Icelandic which let’s face it you probably do, is Europe largest glacier by far. It covers about 8% of the whole of Iceland. There are a few volcanos hidden under the ice cap which every so often erupt and change the makeup of the landscape. The last serious one being in 2011 when the ash cloud reached 20km high.

Vatnajökull Glacier
Vatnajökull Glacier

Iceland in general is a landscape photographers dream with its beautiful ice formations and mountainous scenery, so it will always make it onto any list of must see landscapes from around the world. Vatnajökull, however, is extra special.

The glacier looks like a river of frozen ice ebbing and flowing down the side of a mountain, in a way that you would expect water to flow. The natural wavy formation of the ice gives a photographer endless possibilities of using these lines to really draw a viewer into the photo.

Iceland is a must for any travel photographer that likes a challenge, it might not always be the easiest place to shoot but you will come away with images to be proud of.

3) The Perito Moreno Glacier – Argentina

The Perito Moreno Glacier
The Perito Moreno Glacier

Another glacier but this time on the other side of the world. I mean just look at it. The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina has to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world without a doubt. The thing that sets this glacier apart from other glaciers around the world is that it is actually growing while others are retreating. Let’s have a look at it from another angle.

The Perito Moreno Glacier

It’s stunning. Ice stacks reaching up into the sky stretch back 30km into the distance. The way it suddenly stops and turns into an icy cliff adds to its dramatic presence and really imposes itself on the surrounding land.

It is one of the more popular sites to visit in Argentina’s Patagonia region because getting there is actually not that difficult. You can see why it’s so popular with photographers as well as other tourists though.

Hiking tours on the glacier itself have become quite common in the last few years so take your camera along to get some really different perspectives. Playing with composition here will be great fun, there are so many options to get that ‘wow’ factor into your images.

4) Nideck Waterfall – Alsace, France

Nideck Waterfall is just that, a waterfall. It’s not particularly big or high compared to some other more famous waterfalls from around the world so you might be wondering why I’ve included it in this list. Well if you visit at the right time of year, in the right conditions, this is what you’ll be confronted with.

Nideck Waterfall
Nideck Waterfall

Not many people have heard about this natural wonder tucked away and hidden in the French countryside but if you are lucky enough to see Nideck Waterfall when it is in its fully frozen state then you can thank me later.

The way it freezes during the cold winter months seems to capture a moment in its past, the last day it flowed before going into winter hibernation.

5) Rice Terraces – Yuanyang, Yúnnán, China

To round off this list of beautiful landscapes from around the world we end up in the terraced rice fields of China.

Rice Terraces, Yunnan, China
Rice Terraces, Yunnan, China (Credit: Tony Yong / Source:

For centuries these rice fields in the Yúnnán province of southwest China have been worked by the local people and as a result they have created, not only an area to grow crops on otherwise unmanageable land, but one of the most stunning man-made scenes you will find just about anywhere.

The wavy lines of the flooded rice fields appear to form steps leading up the side of the mountainous surroundings. The altitude of the rice terraces means there is often low hanging cloud cover below which adds to the atmosphere of a place unfamiliar to most westerners.

Rice Terraces - Yuanyang
(Credit: Peteropaliu / Source:

This is one of those landscapes that conjures up emotions and feelings for whoever sees it. To me it provokes feelings of the old martial arts movies, a place where young martial artists would go to improve their skills. But that’s just me, the great thing about landscapes that ooze atmosphere like this one is that they are subjective. What does it do for you?

Final Thoughts

The world is full of beauty despite what we may see on our TV screens and Facebook feeds these days. Go out, explore and don’t be afraid to do it. Most importantly though?

Don’t forget to take extra camera batteries!

As always, thanks for reading!

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