Best Travel Photography on Instagram That You Need To See

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Travel photography on Instagram has transformed with the rise of mobile photography, allowing anyone to snap and share breathtaking moments in a flash. The platform has become a haven for instagram travel photographers, where a simple hashtag can catapult travel photos onto screens worldwide. Smartphones are now rivaling professional cameras, offering lightweight gear that makes capturing that perfect landscape shot a breeze. As Instagram’s algorithm evolves, so does the strategy behind each photograph and account—engagement metrics have become as crucial as the images themselves for photographers aiming to stand out in the bustling digital crowd of the United States’ favorite photo-sharing site.

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Instagram is more than just a list of accounts; it’s where Benjamin Guy and countless others check daily for inspiration and connection. For those wielding a camera or camera phone , understanding these shifts is key to making every shot count.

Top Instagram Travel Photographers to Follow

Instagram is awash with talented photographers, but some truly stand out. They capture our world with a fresh perspective, blending adventure with artistry.

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Unique Perspectives Galore

Travel photography on Instagram can whisk you away to places you’ve only dreamed of. Influencers like @expertvagabond and @theblondeabroad have an eye for the unusual, showcasing locations that are off the beaten path. These travel instagrammers invite us into worlds less traveled, revealing hidden gems through their lenses.



Their feeds are more than just pretty pictures; they tell stories of adventure and discovery. Each post is a peek into a life filled with exploration and wonder.

Cultural Sensitivity Matters

In today’s world, being culturally aware is key. Accounts like @uncornered_market and @legalnomads don’t just share breathtaking vistas; they dive deep into the cultures they encounter. These travel instagram accounts balance wanderlust with respect for the traditions and people they photograph.



They remind followers that behind every landscape there’s a community with its own stories and history.

Sky-High Drone Shots

Drone photography has changed the game for travel instagrammers like @fromwhereidrone and @droneoftheday. Their mastery in aerial shots gives us views that were once impossible without a plane ticket or helicopter ride.



These photographers push boundaries, offering perspectives that turn ordinary places into extraordinary scenes from above.

Landscapes That Wow

For those who love nature’s grandeur, following landscape photographers like @chrisburkard and @danieltran is a must. Their Instagram feeds are full of stunning landscapes that showcase Mother Nature at her finest.



From rugged coastlines to serene mountain peaks, these creators bring out the epic beauty in every environment they capture.

Themes Tie It Together

Some travel photographers stand out by sticking to a consistent theme or color palette throughout their feed. Accounts like @helloemilie and @jacob create visual harmony that makes scrolling through their photos feel like stepping into another world where colors tell stories as much as subjects do.



It’s about creating an aesthetic experience that resonates on an emotional level with viewers.

Rising Stars Shine Bright

Keep an eye on up-and-comers in the travel photography space on Instagram too! New talents like Kontos are gaining recognition for their fresh takes on familiar destinations. These rising stars often bring new energy to travel photography, combining traditional techniques with modern flair.

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Examples include:

  • Young adventurers capturing remote locales.
  • City dwellers finding beauty in urban sprawl.

They prove daily that there’s always something new under the sun if you’re willing to look for it!

Each of these profiles offers something unique: whether it’s jaw-dropping natural beauty or intimate cultural encounters; sky-high drone captures or meticulously curated thematic collections; each one will inspire your next adventure—or at least let you daydream about it from your phone screen!

So hit follow on these remarkable travel instagram accounts:

Techniques for Professional-Quality Instagram Photos

Capturing the perfect Instagram photo involves more than just a click. Mastering light, composition, editing, and timing can transform your images from average to exceptional.

a couple walking on the sidewalk during daytime

Natural Lighting Wins

Lighting is everything in photography. For outdoor shots, natural light does a great job of making your photos pop. The golden hour – that time just after sunrise or before sunset – paints the world in warm hues that can give your travel snaps a magical touch. Shadows soften and the light flatters most landscapes and subjects.

Avoid harsh midday sun when shadows are too strong. Overcast days can be your friend; they act like nature’s softbox, spreading the light evenly and reducing contrast in your scenes.

Composition Is Key

Instagram loves squares but don’t let that box you in. The rule of thirds works wonders even with IG’s square format. Imagine breaking an image down into thirds both horizontally and vertically so it’s split into different sections. Aim to place the most interesting parts of your photo where those lines intersect.

Playing with foregrounds and backgrounds creates depth in your images. Think about how each element will contribute to the overall look of your post.

Editing Like a Pro

The right editing app can take your photos from good to great. Apps like Lightroom and VSCO are favorites among top Insta-travel photographers for a reason—they offer powerful tools to enhance colors, textures, and details without overdoing it.

Experiment with filters but remember subtlety is key; aim for enhancements that feel natural rather than artificial.

iPad Pro with Pencil for editing like a pro

Timing Your Posts

When you post matters as much as what you post. To maximize engagement rates on Instagram, hit publish when most of your followers are online—typically mornings and evenings during weekdays work well.

Weekends can also see high engagement but keep an eye on analytics to pinpoint optimal times specific to your audience.

Stories And Reels Matter

Don’t ignore IG stories and reels; they complement main feed posts beautifully. Stories let you share candid moments while reels can showcase dynamic video content—both add layers to your Instagram presence.

Use these features to provide behind-the-scenes looks or highlight experiences that might not make it into the main feed but still tell an engaging story about your travels.

Instagram’s Role in Showcasing Travel Photography

Instagram has revolutionized travel photography by offering a digital stage for photographers and influencing the popularity of destinations. It’s a space where visual stories ignite wanderlust and create connections among globe-trotters.

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Digital Portfolio Showcase

Instagram accounts have become modern galleries for professional photographers. They display stunning images that can whisk you away to distant places without leaving your couch. These snapshots aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re a photographer’s resume, broadcasting their skills to the world.

  • High-quality travel photos demonstrate a photographer’s eye for beauty.
  • Potential clients often scroll through these portfolios before hiring.

Location Tagging Magic

Tagging locations on Instagram turns posts into pins on a global map, luring local tourism interest like bees to honey. When someone tags a breathtaking spot, it doesn’t just stay with them; it beckons others to follow in their footsteps.

  • Tags make lesser-known spots visible to travelers seeking new adventures.
  • Local businesses benefit as more explorers discover these tagged places.

Trendsetting Destinations

Some instagram posts go viral, and suddenly everyone wants to go there. That one shot of an azure sea or a quaint cobblestone street can set off a travel trend faster than you can say “bucket list.”

  • A single image can boost tourism exponentially.
  • Photographers wield power in shaping destination hotspots.

Brand Collaboration Hub

Photographers find Instagram perfect for collab opportunities with brands. Whether it’s gear companies or travel agencies, IG is the meeting place where deals are struck over DMs (direct messages).

  • Brands seek out photographers with engaging content and large followings.
  • Successful collaborations often lead to sponsored trips and gear.

Community Through Visuals

Shared visual experiences bond people on Instagram like superglue. Through hashtags and shared interests, strangers become friends, united by their love for capturing the world through their lenses.

  • Hashtags curate communities around specific types of travel photography.
  • Engaging with fellow enthusiasts leads to learning and inspiration.

Visual Storytelling Tips from Leading Instagrammers

In the realm of travel photography on Instagram, the power lies not just in the images but also in the stories they tell. Top content creators know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but with the right captions and sequencing, it can say even more.

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Crafting Captions With Depth

Captions are your secret weapon. They turn a snapshot into a chapter of your adventure. Think of them as the voiceover to your visual story.

  • A top tip: ask questions in your captions to engage followers.
  • Share behind-the-scenes tales or what inspired you.
  • Use storytelling techniques like suspense or humor.

Remember, each word should serve your image, adding layers to its meaning. A caption that reveals something personal can transform a simple photo into an inspiration for others.

Sequencing for Narrative Impact

Sequencing is all about the flow. It’s how you arrange your posts to take viewers on a journey through your feed.

  • Start with an attention-grabbing opener.
  • Mix close-ups with landscapes for variety.
  • End with an image that leaves them wanting more.

This way, you’re not just creating posts; you’re crafting episodes of an ongoing series. Your followers will be hooked, waiting eagerly for what comes next.

Emphasizing Local Elements

Authenticity is key in travel photography. You want to capture the essence of a place—the sights, sounds, and soul that make it unique.

  • Highlight local cuisine or traditional clothing.
  • Capture candid moments of daily life.
  • Show off lesser-known spots alongside famous landmarks.

By emphasizing these elements, you create content that’s rich and relatable. It’s not just eye candy; it’s cultural insight wrapped up in pixels and posts.

Balancing Aesthetics and Story

It’s a delicate dance between looking good and telling a good story. But who says you can’t do both?

  • Aim for visually pleasing compositions.
  • Use colors and light to convey mood.
  • Let each post add something new to your narrative arc.

Your media isn’t just pretty pictures; it’s chapters in a visual novel written by you—a bit at a time but always moving forward.

Gastronomic Voyages: Culinary Photography Insights

Travel photography on Instagram isn’t just about capturing landscapes; it’s also about the delicious food that tells the story of a place. From street food to gourmet dishes, every meal has a tale waiting to be shared.

a person using a smartphone for culinary photography insight

Perfect Angles and Colors

Capturing the beauty of food is an art. It’s all about finding the right angle to make a dish pop. A top-down shot can show off all the ingredients in a salad, while a side view might best capture the layers of a decadent cake. The colors on your plate are like paint on a canvas – they need to shine! Think bright greens, rich reds, and deep yellows that make your followers’ mouths water.

  • Top-down for complexity
  • Side view for layers
  • Bright colors entice

Cuisine Tells Stories

Every region has its own signature flavors and recipes passed down through generations. When you snap a pic of paella in Spain or sushi in Japan, you’re not just showing off food – you’re showcasing tradition and culture. Your photo becomes more than just something pretty; it’s educational, too!

  • Paella represents Spanish heritage
  • Sushi reflects Japanese precision

Iconic Pairings

Imagine sipping chai in front of the Taj Mahal or biting into a croissant with the Eiffel Tower looming behind. These images do more than tempt taste buds; they transport your followers to some of the most amazing and Instagrammable locations around the world. It’s travel inspiration served up on a silver platter!

  • Chai at Taj Mahal
  • Croissant near Eiffel Tower

Street Food Secrets

There’s something thrilling about watching someone cook right before your eyes on a bustling street corner. By sharing these adventures, you give people an authentic taste of local life. Peel back the curtain and reveal how that steaming bowl of pho is made or what spices go into that perfect taco.

  • Pho’s steamy secrets unveiled
  • Tacos’ spice mix explored

Engage Your Followers

Interaction is key when building an engaged audience on Instagram. Ask questions like “What’s your favorite street food?” or “Which country has the best desserts?” Share fun facts or personal anecdotes related to your culinary experiences to keep things lively.

Instagram’s Impact on Travel Imagery

Instagram has revolutionized the way we see the world, turning every traveler with a smartphone into a potential photographer with an audience. Your feed can be a window to breathtaking landscapes, vibrant street scenes, and mouth-watering local dishes—all captured by folks who started just like you. The power of this platform isn’t just in the sharing; it’s in the connections you make and the inspiration you provide to others. So grab your camera, find your unique angle, and join the ranks of those transforming travel photography—one post at a time.

Dream big and start small—your journey as an Instagram travel photographer begins with that first click. Remember, each snapshot tells a story that could spark someone’s next adventure or reignite fond memories. Share your vision with confidence and watch as your gallery becomes a source of joy for many. Ready to inspire? Start snapping, keep posting, and let’s show the world what it’s been missing!


What are some must-have accessories for taking high-quality travel photos on Instagram?

To elevate your Instagram travel photos, consider investing in a portable tripod for stability, lens attachments for enhanced photo quality on smartphones, extra batteries or power banks to keep your devices charged on-the-go, and protective gear like waterproof cases to safeguard against elements.

How do I grow my following as a travel photographer on Instagram?

Growing your following involves consistently posting high-quality content, engaging with other users through likes and comments, using relevant hashtags to increase visibility, collaborating with fellow travelers or brands through shoutouts or takeovers, and being authentic in sharing your personal experiences alongside your images.

Can I monetize my travel photography on Instagram?

Yes! You can monetize through sponsored posts once you have enough followership; selling prints or presets; affiliate marketing by promoting travel-related products; offering photography workshops or courses; or partnering with tourism boards for paid trips.

What is the best time of day to post travel photographs on Instagram?

The best time to post can vary based on where most of your audience is located but generally includes early mornings before work hours (6-8 AM) or evenings after work (7-9 PM) in their respective time zones when people often check social media.

Do I need professional camera equipment to be successful on Instagram?

While professional equipment can enhance photo quality, it is not necessary for success. Many successful Instagram photographers use smartphones due to their convenience and improving camera technology—focus more on creativity and storytelling within your photos.

What kind of editing apps do top Instagrammers use for their travel photos?

Top Instagrammers often use apps such as Adobe Lightroom Mobile for advanced edits, VSCO for applying artistic filters and tweaks quickly, Snapseed for selective adjustments using brushes or healing tools—and these are just scratching the surface!

How important are captions in my travel photography posts on Instagram?

Captions are crucial as they provide context to the image shared—they can tell a story behind a photo which increases engagement from viewers who appreciate both visual content and narrative depth.