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42 Travel Photography Hashtags That Work!

These travel photography hashtags will inspire you and get your photos noticed like no others

So, you want to find new travel photography hashtags? Great, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for exposure, or help with getting your photography juices flowing, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

I’ve put together a list of the best travel photography hashtags for both Instagram and Twitter below.

But first…




Particularly when it comes to Instagram.

Since IG has consistently refused to implement any kind sharing feature it is extremely difficult to get your photos noticed by a new audience.

Not to mention annoying.

What do they have against being able to share people’s work?

So you have to resort to using hashtags. Which is fine, it works. I would just like a way for other people to share my images as well.

It would also stop these huge hub accounts sharing photos and not properly crediting them.

And no, credit doesn’t mean simply tagging the photographer right at the bottom of the caption under a wall of words where nobody will see it.


Using hashtags properly will make sure new people at least have a chance to see your work.

Now that Instagram allows you to follow hashtags, it has become more important than ever before to use them.

But use them in the right way.

Best practice for using hashtags

It’s important to use a variety of hashtags.

That means using popular ones and ones that are less well-known.

The reason for that is, although popular hashtags will have a lot of followers, your photos won’t stay at the top of the ‘Recent’ tab for very long.

But if you use a hashtag that not many other people are using, you’ll likely remain at the top for much longer. It’s all about finding a balance and using both.

That’s why I’ve included a selection of popular and less popular hashtags on this list. I’ve also included the number of times that tag has been used in the past. That way, you can see the popularity of each of them.

Instagram only allows you a maximum of 30 tags per photo but in my opinion, you should be using less. Between 10 and 20 is the sweet spot.

Instagram engagement statistics chart

Also, it’s debatable whether you should put your carefully curated selection of ?#s in the caption or as the first comment.

In my experience, it doesn’t matter.

The only difference is that if you are using a super popular hashtag like #picoftheday, then by the time you write it in the first comment your photo will have already been pushed down into the depths of Instagram purgatory for that particular tag.

If you want to be at the top for a split second, it has to go in the caption.

Not that a millisecond at the top will make much difference anyway.

You are far better off choosing your tags wisely…

The travel photography hashtags you’ve come here for

Schoolbus with #neverstress written on it

Travel photography hashtags for Instagram

  1. #snapshot – 18.3 million posts
  2. #compositionkillerz – 281,000+ posts
  3. #all_shots – 64.6 million posts
  4. #capture_today – 794,000+ posts
  5. #exposure – 13.3 million posts
  6. #composition – 17.1 million posts
  7. #momentlens – 150,000+ posts
  8. #ig_masterpiece – 7.9 million posts
  9. #ig_worldclub – 9.5 million posts
  10. #fotocatchers – 1.3 million posts
  11. #instagood10k – 708,000+ posts
  12. #ig_myshotz – 11,700+ posts
  13. #instagoodmyphotos – 55,600+ posts
  14. #justgoshoot – 24.6 million posts
  15. #exploretocreate – 16.3 million posts
  16. #visual_creatorz – 350,000+ posts
  17. #worldtravelbook – 1.3 million posts
  18. #theweekoninstagram – 1.9 million posts
  19. #discoverglobe – 2.4 million posts
  20. #ig_countryaward – 142,000+ posts
  21. #ig_eternity – 417,000+ posts
  22. #travelphotographyoftheday – 80,000+ posts
  23. #killergrams – 541,000+ posts
  24. #capture_today – 794,000+ posts
  25. #500pxphoto – 33,140+ posts
  26. #adventureland – 324,000+ posts
  27. #shotz_fired – 37,950+ posts
  28. #visualambassadors – 5.2 million posts
  29. #master_shotz – 82,846+ posts
  30. #stunning_shots – 2 million posts

Copy and paste friendly list

Remember, Instagram limits each post to a maximum of 30 hashtags. I recommend using one of the blocks below and adding a few location relevant ones of your own as well.

[Hashtags 1 – 15]
#snapshot #compositionkillerz #all_shots #capture_today #exposure #composition #momentlens #ig_masterpiece #ig_worldclub #fotocatchers #instagood10k #ig_myshotz #instagoodmyphotos #justgoshoot #exploretocreate

[Hashtags 16 – 30]
#visual_creatorz #worldtravelbook #theweekoninstagram #discoverglobe #ig_countryaward #ig_eternity #travelphotographyoftheday #killergrams #capture_today #500pxphoto #adventureland #shotz_fired #visualambassadors #master_shotz #stunning_shots

Travel photography hashtags for Twitter

  1. #picoftheday
  2. #500px
  3. #adventure
  4. #travel
  5. #500pxrtg (The 500pxrtg account will automatically retweet your photo)
  6. @best_photo_RT (This one is a mention, not a hashtag. The @best_photo_RT account will automatically retweet your photo)
  7. #travelphotography
  8. #photography
  9. #camera
  10. #composition
  11. #photogs
  12. #foto

The content on Twitter is much more general than on Instagram, it’s not only about sharing photos.

So the hashtags that work on Twitter tend to be more generic photography terms. Such obvious hashtags wouldn’t work on Instagram since they are already so saturated, but they do work great on Twitter!

There isn’t a specific limit on the number of tags you can use on Twitter but there is, of course, a character limit, so choose wisely if you want enough room to write a captivating caption.

Copy and paste friendly list

#picoftheday #500px #adventure #travel #500pxrtg @best_photo_RT #travelphotography #photography #camera #composition #photogs #foto

Now that you’ve got the tools to get your travel photography noticed by more people…

Just remember that using the best hashtags is only one part of getting your work noticed, and ultimately becoming a successful travel photographer.

Once you’ve got more eyes on your images, those images need to be amazing. Focus on improving your photography skills and curating a portfolio of beautiful photos that compliment each other. Having your photos seen by more people is no good if it doesn’t increase your likes per photo and follower count.

Good luck!

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