The Impact Drones Are Having On Photography

There’s the cliche saying that a photo can say a thousand words…

So, then a picture taken with a drone is bound to speak words that are enough to fill up a book. All thanks to modern technology, drones have changed the way photographers capture aerial images.

Scenes that proved impossible to capture before have now become easy all thanks to drones. Drone photography has given us a new way of viewing the world — a way to see almost everything from a bird’s eye view. Technological advances within the drone world that show us just how they are changing our view of the world, and how it is giving professional photographers an innovative photographic language.

View of an old abandoned aircraft from above

Nowadays, even those on a tight budget can easily get into aerial photography. There are drones under $500 for those who are on a budget but still need a reliable and efficient drone.

Within this price range, there are great options for beginners who are only just starting out in drone photography. Set aside the budget and take note that the key is to find one that precisely fits your needs and your skills.

How Drone Photography Changes Our Perspective

Until recently, we rarely got to see the bigger picture but drone photography provides a bird’s eye perspective of the world — all captured in high-resolution images and videos.

Over the years, we’ve been taking photos from the ground up. Having another angle to look at things offers a new artistic edge to photos. Drone photography has opened up a wide spectrum of visual possibilities, and this is exactly how drones are changing our view of the world.

A picture of a roof garden on top of a skyscraper

From an aerial view of bustling beaches to architectural wonders of a city’s skyscrapers, drones are giving people an extra way of seeing and capturing what was once, and would otherwise be, unattainable.

Simply put, a drone offers a 360-degree unique perspective of the world.

Tips for Better Drone Photography

Since the creation of drones, it has been easier to get aerial photographs of some of the world’s most prized and often-hard-to-reach views. Plus, thanks to its popularity, more people are trying to explore its creative possibilities all in the hope of capturing scenes worthy of social media attention.

A photo of awinding road through the mountains taken from a drone

However, there are quite a lot of factors to consider when it comes to drone photography whether you already have your drone or you are planning to get one.

Getting started with drone photography is not that difficult; once you’ve got the hang of the controls and past the anxiety of worrying about crash landings/batteries dying in mid-flight, it’ll be a breeze capturing images from a fresh perspective.

When shooting with drones, apply the principles and rules of landscape photography. You won’t always get it right the first few tries, but follow these techniques and tips for better drone photography, and you’ll get the perfect image in no time.

Keep It Simple

Similar to when taking photos at ground level, simplicity in composition can yield the best results in drone photography. Something that isn’t too crowded can create an incredible shot that fully celebrates the subject.

Look for Patterns and Symmetry

A symmetrical aerial view over a bridge from a drone

In aerial photography, the more iconic photos are those which are rich in unimaginable and interesting patterns and symmetry. When flying a drone, it would be smart to keep on the lookout for beautiful scenes and fascinating shapes/colors.

Make Use of the Light

A mountain with the last of the light from golden hour just touching the top.

Having the right amount of light can be a massive advantage in drone photography so it would be smart to celebrate light when taking aerial photos. Getting photos at a particular time of day, with the right light, can bring out striking patterns and long, interesting shadows.

Try Going Slow and Steady

Going slow and steady when taking aerial photos can be a great way to capture movement. It makes for amazing pictures of the waves crashing in the ocean or branches swaying in the trees.

Waves breaking onto the beach taking from a drone

Post-Process Your Photos

What you do to your aerial photos afterwards is as important as when you are taking them. Drone photos often need post-processing to make them better, whether it’s editing a part of the picture or simply color correction.

There are a lot of techniques in drone photography to discover and try for yourself. The key is never to stop learning.

How Far Can Drones Fly?

Probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to drone photography is how far can drones fly. There is simply no exact answer to that as it mainly depends on several factors.

Battery Life and Speed

The battery life and the speed of drone will determine the physical limit of how far it can fly. The product of the drone’s speed and its battery life will determine how far it can fly.

A DJI Spark drone on a white table with a controller and battery next to it

Transmitter Range

The limit on how far a drone can travel will also rely on its transmitter range. A connection via something like DJI’s Ocusync is better and more reliable than via WiFi for example.

Local Laws on Drone Flight

There are different local laws regarding drone flight and it would be smart to check them out first before you venture into drone flight, especially when planning long-distance flights.

Unique Places to Photograph With a Drone Around the World

Whether you are an established photographer or a hobbyist, using drones opens up a new vantage point in photography. There are a lot of unique places to photograph around the world using a drone, and while we’ve listed just a few here, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring the city or town you are in.


Rice fields and massive landscapes.

Aerial view of rice fields


Tropical foliage, waterfalls, and cliffs on the Hawaiian Islands.

Drone view of one of the most amazing landscapes of the planet. The Nā Pali coast on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.


Endangered species and huge rainforests.

Aerial view over a rainforest in Borneo


Coastal cliffs and small islands.

A small island off the coast of Croatia


Frozen landscapes and the Northern Lights.

A frozen river in Iceland


Architecture and skyline.

The Dubai skyline from a drone


Scenic mountains, glaciers, and fjords.

A snow-covered road running between a lake and a mountain in Norway

All thanks to drone photography, photographers are taking to the skies and capturing breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of the world — not usually manifested in common ground-level photos.

This is how drones are changing our view of the world.

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