Credit: jbreiti

Are you looking for photo spots in Sydney away from the crowds of tourists?

Well, luckily you found this list.

I’m going to tell you about nine of the best places in Sydney to take photos where most tourists don’t go.

From uninterrupted views of the city skyline to the most tranquil waterside spots. This list shows you all the places you need to know about.

9Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a suburb east of Sydney. It has a rugged coastline which provides great opportunities for seascape as well as landscape photography. Out of all the photo spots in Sydney on this list, it’s one of the furthest away, but worth the trip.

8Nielsen Park

Credit: jerry dohnal

As you would expect, being part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, Nielsen Park is packed full of greenery. Particularly interesting are the uniquely shaped trees that line the footpaths in the park.


Credit: jbreiti

Balmain is one of the more trendy neighbourhoods in Sydney. It has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene, but it’s the view over the water and towards the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge which makes it so special for photography.

6Dudley Page Reserve

Credit: Ethan Ou

This is a popular spot to watch the fireworks over the city on New Year’s Eve.

Again, it’s a little far out of the city itself, but because it is positioned higher than the city you get a great vantage point for photographing the skyline. Particularly at night, it’s one of the best places to take photos of the Sydney skyline.

5Bradley’s Head

Bradley’s Head is right on the shoreline of the harbour. It’s a small peninsula that sticks out and offers almost 360-degree views all around.

There are so many different compositions you can play with here, don’t forget to pack a wide-angle lens as well as a telephoto lens! A telephoto will give you the chance to compress the skyline of the city which will really emphasise its scale.

4Balls Head Reserve

Balls Head Reserve is another great spot to take in the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the towering skyscrapers of the city. But here you can also get Goat Island in the frame.

In my point of view, it’s one of Sydney’s best night photography spots.

3Goat Island

Credit: Aschaf

Goat Island is a small island in the middle of the harbour. If you can find a good vantage point then, with the city in the background, Goat Island makes a great photo opportunity.

2Robertsons Point

Credit: Pete Stones

The ‘hero’ shot here is the lighthouse. The small lighthouse that is connected to the shore by a small wooden footbridge is still active and, after dark, it’s a great subject for a long exposure photo.

It can be found in the North Shore area of Sydney.

1Milsons Point

Milsons point can be found just north of Sydney’s CBD. It’s an affluent neighbourhood that has many piers and walkways by the water. It offers one of the best angles to photograph the Harbour Bridge with plenty of foreground interest.


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