Nikon Are About To Release Their First Ever FULL-FRAME Mirrorless Camera!

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Step aside Sony, a new Nikon mirrorless camera is about to hit the market

Since we are all about travel photography here at WTP, we always talk about the benefits of mirrorless cameras due to their size and weight benefits over traditional DSLRs.

And when it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony has been totally dominating the market over recent years with models such as the A7Riii.

Well, is that all about to change?

Nikon seems to be targeting the high-end full-frame mirrorless camera market

Engadget reported that Nikon is going to produce two models that would directly compete with Sony’s flagship Alpha models.

The first packing roughly 45 megapixels in a body that is home to all the things you would find in any high-end pro camera. 5-axis IBIS, more autofocus points than you’ll ever probably need, 4k video etc… All of this for roughly $4000 (USD).

The second being a slightly toned-down version boasting less resolution (still probably around 25 megapixels) and coming in at around $2500 (USD).

Early criticism

There are two main things people are criticising Nikon for.

  1. It’s size (and presumably weight)
  2. The lack of lenses that will be available at launch

1) Size

From teaser images realised by Nikon, we can see that the body will be considerably larger than bodies of other pro-level mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers.

Nikon mirrorless camera
Credit: Nikon

A lot of people on social media are saying it doesn’t look too dissimilar to the body of a DSLR.

However, others are welcoming the bulkier design since lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras tend to be big and heavy, which feel unbalanced on small bodies.

I guess it will come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

2) Lack of lenses

The official public announcement for a new Nikon mirrorless camera could come as early as sometime in the next month.

Which means when it’s launched there could be slim pickings when it comes to available lenses.

There will most likely only be three lenses to choose from.

A standard 24-70mm f/4, a 35mm and a 50mm.

Other lenses are in development but won’t come out until a later date.

Lens mount size

Perhaps the biggest thing we can take away from the teaser images and marketing video titled “In Pursuit of Light” is that the new addition will be particularly good in low light.

Another hint in that direction is the fact that the large lens mount diameter seems to be emphasised on the ‘leaked’ images. This would allow for some super fast glass to be attached, something like a f/0.95 for example.

This would also concur with earlier rumours that Nikon has been developing a new 49mm ‘Z-Mount’ system.

Some more ‘leaked’ photos of the new Nikon mirrorless camera:

First look at the new Nikon

Side view of the new Nikon mirrorless camera

Front view

View from the side with lens