High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts

5 High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts From Photographers

If you’re creating a blog or online portfolio then you should know that to get yourself noticed you have to guest post on other sites

Guest posting is an amazingly effective way of doing two thing:

  1. Introducing yourself to a new highly engaged audience where you can begin to demonstrate you are an expert, or at the very least, established in your chosen field.
  2. Building valuable backlinks to your site (I’ll explain why that’s important below if you don’t already know).

Without either of the two things above, no matter how good your site is, it’s going to be extremely hard to attract any visitors. You need to build bridges to your site otherwise you could easily end up like a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, beautiful but too hard to find.

Why it is so important to build backlinks to your site

The obvious reason is that people will click those links and find your site.

The other reason is that search engines treat links like votes of confidence. If someone is linking to your content it tells search engines like Google that your content must be good. Think of it like this, the more links you have, the more votes you have.

But not all links are treated equally.

Links from more established sites (high authority sites) carry more ‘weight’ than links from newer small sites. A link from one of these high authority sites is like gold dust and is a perfect example of why guest posting is so effective.

The authority of a site is measured in what’s called Domain Authority, or DA. It’s a number between 0 – 100. You can check a site’s DA for free here.

Any website with a DA over 65 is considered to be an extremely high authority site, getting a link from one of those sites is like winning the jackpot.

The 5 websites I’m about to mention all have a DA of more than 65, and one is even close to 100.

And yes they all accept guest posts.

But as you can imagine they get hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions per week so just because they do accept guest posts, it doesn’t mean they will accept yours.

For a more detailed explanation on how to pitch to these big editorial sites and stand out from the crowd read this article and skip down to the part about pitching.

The 5 high authority websites that accept guest posts are:

1) HostelBookers

DA: 76

Submission Guidelines

The popular accommodation comparison site also runs a blog where they publish, yep you guessed it, travel related articles.

Pitch them an interesting travel story with plenty of your own amazing travel photos and if it’s unique and well written then you might just score yourself a link from an industry leader.

2) Condé Nast Traveler

DA: 69

CnTraveller is probably the leading travel magazine in the world. They have both online and offline versions and, although they don’t shout about it, I know they accept guest posts 😉

Since they don’t openly advertise it there isn’t a ‘Write for Us’ page. But there is a helpful guide on how to pitch to travel magazines. That might just be the biggest hint ever…

3) The Guardian

DA: 97

Submission Guidelines

The Guardian newspaper is one of the highest authority websites that openly advertises that they accepts guest posts.

With a DA of 97 it’s one of the most influential websites on the internet, ever. If you get a chance to write for them, you better not waste it. Write the best article you’ve ever written in your life.

4) Fstoppers

DA: 66

Again, Fstoppers don’t openly admit they accept guest posts but if you go to their contact form there’s an option to suggest an article. That’s your opportunity to impress them.

The only thing that is better than getting a link from a high authority website, is getting a link from a high authority website that is relevant to your own site. If Fstoppers link to another photography related website then, to Google, that means you really must produce great photography content.

5) Digital Photography School

DA: 76

Submission Guidelines

Like Fstoppers, this is a great link to get if you are creating a photography related website. They have a super high DA and not only that, but if you can show you are an authority on the subject of photography to their audience you’re going to start building up a credible reputation for yourself.

It’s all about finding your target audience, and putting yourself in front of them.

Are you up to the challenge?

Now that you’ve got 5 goals to set yourself, go out there and achieve them. Don’t get put off if you don’t hear back from one or two of them, or if they say no. Keep going and perfecting that all-important pitch so the next one will say yes.

Getting a guest posting opportunity from even one of the sites mentioned above is honestly a massive win. Getting all 5? Well you’re going to have to be:

  1. An amazing writer
  2. A great salesperson
  3. A little lucky

I won’t say that it’s impossible but it won’t be easy. If you do manage it please let me know how you did it!

Thanks for reading.

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