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World of Travel Photography is a travel photography blog all about arming you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to travel more and capture your journey along the way. If you’ve ever been mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and come across a travel image that makes your thumb stop still while you stare at your phone in awe wishing you could produce photos like that, then you’re in the right place.

We want to help you do four things.

Take Better Travel Photos

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with your phone or a setup that costs the same as a second-hand car, we want to help you take better travel photos. There’s a difference between a simple snapshot and a great travel photo, and it has nothing to do with gear. It’s about composition, storytelling, understanding light and, probably most importantly, just being there to capture a moment in the first place. We will help you with everything from how to shoot in manual mode to post-processing.

Travel More

At the end of the day, travel photography is all about experiences. It’s about travelling more and experiencing new cultures, languages, food and along the way capturing images that represent all of these things and your relationship with them. If you’re only interested in trying to make money from travel photography, you are in the wrong place. While we love photography, it almost comes second to travel. If you enjoy travel and invest in new experiences rather than new gear, you will end up with better photos. We want you to travel more and aim to inspire you to do just that through photography.

Find The Best Photo Spots

Ok, so you’ve booked your tickets or just arrived in a new country/city, what next? A cold beer? Maybe, but after that, as a travel photographer, you’ll probably want to explore and find some exciting places to shoot. We’ve got plenty of destinations covered in our photo location guides that will help you find the best photo spots and must-do experiences. Can’t find a guide on a specific location? Drop us a message and let us know, we’ll reach out to local photographers in our network and add it to the list!

Turn Travel Photography Into A Career

For the select few, and we know it’s a select few of you, who want to take travel photography further, we provide advice on how to make money from it one day. First, you have to love travel and love photography. You have to ask yourself ‘Would I still be doing this even if I wasn’t getting paid?’ If the answer is yes, then you’ve probably got what it takes to turn travel photography into a career someday. Whether you’re a consumer of travel photography, a budding amateur who just loves shooting photos or an aspiring pro, you’ll find something for you here at World of Travel Photography.