Submission Guidelines

Are you a talented travel writer or photographer?

The idea behind World of Travel Photography is to be a hub for aspiring travel photographers and pros alike.

We aim to provide a platform where writers, storytellers and photographers can come together and share what they’re passionate about.

If that is something that interests you, then you’re in the right place.

We only post content that will be a good fit for the site and our readers. So be sure that your content is travel photography related.

What WTP Will Do For You

  1. Give you a platform to gain exposure and put your content in front of our highly engaged audience.
  1. Promote you and your content on our social media accounts.
  1. Let you build a portfolio of work on a credible website that you will always be credited for and retain ownership of.
  1. Help you build your own blog and gain followers by creating a name for yourself within our community.
  1. Include your blog and social media links in your author bio.

Submission Information

PLEASE FILL IN THIS FORM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING A GUEST POST Don’t forget to attach a photo of yourself and a short author bio to your finished article so our readers know who you are. Also, include any social media links you would like us to put in your author bio and a link to your blog (if you have one).

Post Guidelines

  1. WTP will never accept written work that has been previously published elsewhere. All articles must be written specifically for WTP and be original pieces of work that will never be published elsewhere in the future.
  1. Articles must be written in English and be easy to read.
  1. WTP has permission to change, alter, correct or tailor posts. This includes grammar/spelling correction, adding affiliate links or adding/removing other outbound links.
  1. Final submissions must be at the very least 1000 words long.
  1. The submission must contain at the very least 3 high-quality images of your own, 2 in the body of the article and 1 as the featured image. If you don’t have your own images then images from Flickr Creative Commons will do but you must include the link where you got them from so they can be properly credited. The photos you supply may be used to promote the article on social media.
  1. WTP does not provide copyright protection. However, you remain the copyright owner. WTP only has publishing rights to your content, not ownership rights.
  1. We will include your author bio in the post that contains 1 link back to your blog and the links to your social media accounts if you supply them.
  1. These guidelines are for bloggers and other content creators, not for sponsored posts. For more information on sponsored posts and our current rates please email