Crazy photography bending over backwards

Crazy Photography And The Things People Do Just To Get The Shot

Taking crazy photography to a whole new level... Photographers are known for being a little crazy when it comes to getting the perfect shot sometimes....
A blue neon sign spelling out the words "Work Harder"

Travel Photography Advice From 7 Pro Travel Photographers

Here are 7 pieces of travel photography advice from people who have achieved their dream Here at WTP, we like to show people how they...
Best Travel Photographers

Some Of The Best Travel Photographers You Should Be Following

These are some of the best travel photographers you'll find on the internet With so many photographers lurking in all corners of the internet these...

10 Of The Best Travel Photos On The Net

A selection of the best travel photos we could find It's easy to get caught up in what you're doing with your own photography that...

Why Volunteering Abroad is an Ideal Way to Start a Career as a Travel...

Volunteering can offer you so many opportunities, all while helping to make the world a better place to be... If you’re interested in taking your...
Travel Featured Image

You Don’t Need A Life Changing “Go Find Yourself” Excuse To Travel

Written by Rhiana Archie People often ask, “Why?” when you decide to go off and travel the world. They will ask if you are running...
Barge on the Danube

The Story Behind: Barge on the Danube

Not all images are a result of meticulous planning, preparation and research. This one certainly wasn’t. I’ll quickly set the scene. So it's winter time (mid...


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