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So you’re wondering how to get more followers on Instagram?

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s one of the most common questions out there. Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to get more followers on Instagram but if you stick to a few simple rules and you’re consistent then you might find that it’s not quite as hard as you think.

The thing is, it’s not going to happen overnight unless you buy a ton of fake follows which YOU SHOULD NEVER DO! The only thing fake followers are going to do for you is drive your engagement rates through the floor. It’s no good having 100k followers if you only get 30 likes per pictures is it? It’s just going to make your account look odd and people will know exactly what you’ve done.

It takes skill and creativity to really engage people, plus you need to have a theme. You can’t expect people to follow you if one day your posting pictures of your food and the next day you’re posting landscapes. As much as you might want to, that isn’t the way you’re going to gain a big following.

The video above by the awesome Peter McKinnon explains perfectly what you should be doing to grow your account naturally.

So make yourself a coffee (for any of you who already know Peter you’ll know why that’s relevant) and for the next 14 minutes and 12 seconds sit back, relax and listen to what he has to say. The guy knows what he’s talking about, he went from 0 YouTube subscribers to over 1 million in a year. If you’re not already, I highly recommend subscribing to his channel his photography and videography work is stunning and you’ll learn a lot following him.


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