A Photographic Tour of Laos

Laos has to be one of the most photographic countries in Southeast Asia Sharing a border with both Vietnam and Thailand, it is easy to...



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Some Of The Best Travel Photographers You Should Be Following

These are some of the best travel photographers you'll find on the internet With so many photographers lurking in all corners of the internet these...

10 Of The Best Travel Photos On The Net

A selection of the best travel photos we could find It's easy to get caught up in what you're doing with your own photography that...

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High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts

5 High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts From Photographers

If you're creating a blog or online portfolio then you should know that to get yourself noticed you have to guest post on other...
Travel Photographer Featured Image

The Recipe for Becoming a Successful Travel Photographer

Ever wondered how travel photographers turn their hobby into a means of travelling the world?
Equipment Featured Image

All The Equipment You Will Need To Become a Great Travel Photographer

While it's true that being a great travel photographer isn't all about the equipment, it does help. This is everything you'll need to get started.


Old Victorian Photos

This Is Why People Always Look So Annoyed In Old Victorian Photos

Old Victorian photos don't exactly make their subjects look like they are high on life... Having your photo taken was a status symbol of the...
Flickr and SmartMug

Flickr Has Just Been Sold And Might Never Be The Same Again

A little known photo hosting company called SmartMug has just bought Flickr Flickr is home to one of the internet's most powerful communities of professional...
Cameras on the moon featured image

Did You Know That There Are 12 Hasselblad Cameras On The Moon?

Out of all the things you might expect to find on the surface of the moon, I bet 12 Hasselblad cameras wouldn't be on...


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