Ivan Nanney

Ok, so Ivan Nanney has to do a little more than just take some photos. He has to stay in 5 star resorts, make videos, go on tours and generally make Cancun look like an awesome place to visit.

Oh the misery.

The tourism website Cancun.com launched a competition back in November last year looking for someone with the skills and social media savvy to head over to Mexico and sell Cancun as the dream holiday destination. Over 8,000 people applied but ultimately Ivan landed the job which will last for 6 months and earn him a total of $60,000, not to mention the all expenses paid hotel stays, tours and general living expenses.

Ivan is already a travel blogger so is well suited to the task in hand. He goes by the name Ivantheintrepid. You can check out his blog here ivantheintrepid.com

#CherryBlossom? #Pagoda? It looks like I'm not in #India anymore! After 3.5 months of #travel I am finally on my way home. But I couldn't go back without leveraging a stopover in #Japan first. My first day in #Tokyo has been a bit of culture shock for me as it is the complete opposite of India in every way. The only thing similar, that has kept me grounded, is the overwhelming hospitality from my #couchsurfing host. I'm excited for the next six days but I know I will also be consumed by thoughts of the people, places and experiences I've encountered. India is a complex society in so many incredible ways, and the high energy of this trip (along with three nights of no sleep) literally left me falling asleep while standing on the metro today. I've got a lot to digest and a lot to prepare for my return home. But now… it is time to sleep. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make these past few months so special… Especially you @larubiaperdida! Good night!

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At 29 years old he has already traveled to 32 countries and worked for a few big names before.

His first ‘big break’ was an unlikely job traveling the USA in a truck carries a giant potato

Later he was discovered by Amazon Prime and given the job as a presenter on their show The Fireball Run which showcases some of the most unusual places in the USA.

My passion in life is traveling, and the transformative powers that travel can have on an individual. Being named the CEO of Cancun.com, and being able to spend the next six months in Cancun, is truly a dream come true. It’s now my job to explore every nook and cranny of the Riviera Maya, engage with the culture, have fun, and share my adventures with the world.

We can help but be a little envious of Ivan, but he seems like a well deserved winner and we wish him all the best on his adventure.

He starts his new role in March and you can keep up to date with everything he will be doing on Cancun.com’s Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter.


Hi, I'm Charlie. Originally from the UK, but brought up in Spain, I'm a travel photographer and passionate writer. For the last few years, I've been lucky enough to turn my passion for travel photography and writing into my full-time job. It allows me to travel the world doing what I love. A fun fact about me is that I'm also a qualified scuba diving instructor so in my spare time when I'm not behind a camera or laptop, you'll probably find me underwater somewhere!


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