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I’m Going To Poland Next Week & This Is The Camera Gear I’m Taking With Me

This time next week I’m taking my camera and going back to one of my favourite countries in Europe, Poland. I’ve been a few times before but only in the winter so I’m pretty pumped to see it in the summer. I’ve already decided which locations I want to shoot from when I was last there so let’s hope I get some good light this time like I’m imagining in my head.

I actually saw the new year in there, standing outside in the snow, watching the fireworks next to the apartment where a friend of my girlfriend was hosting a New Years’s Eve party. It was an awesome way to start the year. That New Year’s party will stick in my mind for a long long time, I think my body is still recovering after trying to keep up with the Polish guys when the vodka inevitable came out.

Anyway this trip is going to be different. It’s a proper travel photography trip so expect to see a wave of images from Poland flood my Instagram next week.

I’ll be landing in Poznan, eventually making my way to Wroclaw and in between visiting Kolorowe Jeziorka which translates to Colourful Lakes. It’s an area in the countryside (Rudawy Janowickie) that used to be an old mine but has now been flooded and turned into 3 lakes. I think I’ll get some of the best photos of the trip from there.

Kolorowe Jeziorka
Kolorowe Jeziorka (Credit: Rantes – Source: flic.kr/p/7i3f6P)

Since I’ll be visiting cities, towns and diving into nature I’m going to need to take with me enough gear to make sure I’ve got everything covered. Street photography, landscape photography and cityscape photography all ask for different combinations of camera gear so to cover all bases this is what I’ll be taking with me.

1) Fujifilm X-T10

The Fujifilm X-T10 is a small, lightweight and compact mirrorless camera which is why I’m taking it away with me for this trip. To be honest it’s my go-to camera for pretty much all travel because of its size and amazing image quality. Fujifilm also make extremely good lenses so the end result you get with one of these camera systems is very impressive.

I’m a big fan of mirrorless cameras, even more so now you are able to get full framed mirrorless cameras from manufactures like Sony. The future is definitely mirrorless in my point of view.

2) Fujifilm 18-55mm F/2.8 & 35mm F/1.4mm Lenses

Fujifilm Lenses
Fujifilm Lenses (Credit: Michele Ficara Manganelli – Source: flic.kr/p/f6MRfp)

Ok I feel like I need to explain myself a little here. Some people might wonder why I’m taking both. Technically I could get away with just the 18-55mm lens here because it covers the 35mm focal range. True it does but I’m planning on going out at night and the 35mm lens is just that little bit faster, that means it can have a wider aperture than the 18-55mm which in turn means more light can get in to the sensor (it is better in low light in other words).

If your sitting there thinking I don’t have a clue what he is talking about then I will be making a post on aperture, ISO, shutter speed and all of those kinds of good things at some point. When it’s up I’ll link it here and you’ll also probably see it in the recommended posts at the bottom of this article.

And if anyone if asking themselves why I’m limiting my focal length to a maximum of 55mm that’s for 2 reasons.

  •  Size, both of these lenses could fit into your pockets. Helpful when you’re travelling with only hand luggage with a company like Ryanair.
  • I know more or less where I’m going and what I’m going to be shooting and I just will not need any more than that. There’s no point in lugging a telephoto all the way to Poland when I’m not going to use it. The lakes I’m going to are surrounded by thick forest and that would be the only place that I could possible need it.

If I need a bit of extra zoom length, I’ll do it the old fashioned way. With my legs.

3) Tripod

I’ve got a couple of tripods but I’m taking the cheap and cheerful Zomei Z666. Even though it’s super cheap it has never let me down to be honest. It’s coming with me for a few reasons:

  • It’s small enough to fit in my hand luggage.
  • I’m not going to be using it anywhere windy or unstable so it should do the job just fine.
  • With the current security situation in Europe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it got taken away from me at airport security.

4) Filters

I always take my filters with me where ever I go. I’ll be taking my Breakthrough Photography Polarizer, Breakthrough Photography 6 Stop and Breakthrough Photography 3 Stop ND filters.

They’re the filters I use anyway, but any good quality filters are a must if you really want to make your images stand out.

5) SD Cards

I use two Delkin 64GB high speed SD cards. But again any good quality and fast SD cards will do. Just make sure they are from a well known brand and make sure they can record data fast.

You don’t need to go crazy on the GB’s, it’s more important that it is fast and good quality. 64GB is more than enough for me.

I also take a Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive for backups.

So that’s about it really..

I take a few other bits and pieces like clothes and spays to clean lenses etc… Also an extra battery but I’ve gone through all of the interesting bits now.

If anyone has any recommendations for Poland I’d love to hear them!

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