Ljubljana Featured Image

Ljubljana – lyoo-blyah-nah

Written by Rhiana Archie  Ljubljana is the small capital city of Slovenia positioned on the Ljubljanica River. The city is known for being green, clean...
On a Localguddy tour

Barcelona: A New Take On A Familiar Place

See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. The people who follow WTP regularly will know that I...
Poland Travel Camera Gear

I’m Going To Poland Next Week & This Is The Camera Gear I’m Taking...

This time next week I’m taking my camera and going back to one of my favourite countries in Europe, Poland. I’ve been a few...
Montjuic Sunset

My Top 10: Alternative Things To Do In Barcelona

Thanks for checking out my top 10 alternative things to do in Barcelona! If you are doing your research on things do to in Barcelona...
Architecture in Barcelona, La Fabrica

Hidden in Plain Sight: 4 of Barcelona’s Lesser Known Architectural Wonders

The architecture in Barcelona is famous the world over. People flock here in droves normally with one word in mind, Gaudi. There’s no denying...
Day Trips From Barcelona

5 Day Trips From Barcelona

Thanks for checking out my top 5 day trips from Barcelona! So you’re in Barcelona either visiting or here a little more permanently? Feel like...
Baltic States Featured Image 2

An Alternative Road Trip: How I FELL in Love With The Baltic States

The beautiful Baltic States... Have you ever heard of the former USSR countries by the Baltic Sea? No matter the answer, these countries are not...
Wroclaw Featured Image

My Ultimate Travel Guide: Wroclaw Poland

Wroclaw is a city in Poland that you probably can’t pronounce but should definitely visit! Say it, Wroclaw. Now if you’re like me, you are...
Road Trip in Poland Featured Image

Let’s Catch Up – My Road Trip In Poland & The Czech Republic

The perfect road trip in 2 great countries... If it wasn't for the fact that I am traveling around 2 amazingly beautiful countries, discovering places...

Plan The Perfect 3 Day Weekend in Porto, Portugal Before Summer Starts!

Olá e bem-vindo! That’s hello and welcome in Portuguese for anyone looking to learn a few words before you set off! What could be better than...


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