Best Countries For Photography To Go On Your Bucket List

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Photography isn’t just about clicking a button; it’s an opportunity to capture the soul of a moment, the heartbeat of culture, and the whispering history that’s etched in every scene.

The beauty of this art form is that it thrives on diversity, and there’s no better way to explore this than by diving into the world’s best countries for photography.

a dslr camera and compass with a wooden world map

From breathtaking sunrises painting life into nature’s canvas, to vibrant cultures unfolding through the lens, these locations offer unique photographic elements that add an indescribable charm to your shots. So grab your camera and let’s illuminate our view with images steeped in rich lights and subject matter from around the globe.

Capturing Europe’s Charm

Europe is a dream for travel photographers. With its stunning landscapes and historical sites, it offers endless opportunities for epic photos.

Architectural Wonders of Italy and Greece

Italy and Greece are like open-air museums. Their architectural beauty is unmatched.

The Colosseum in Rome or the Parthenon in Athens? These historical sites are a photographer’s paradise.

Stone building, Colosseum in Rome
Parthenon in Athens

Cinque Terre in Italy is another gem. The colorful houses stacked on cliffs make for jaw-dropping pictures.

Cinque Terre in Italy

Natural Landscapes of Norway and Sweden

Moving northwards to Norway and Sweden. These countries boast some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on earth.

Ever heard of fjords? They’re long, narrow sea inlets with steep sides or cliffs. Norway has them aplenty!

a long river in the middle of a green valley under the white clouds

Sweden isn’t far behind either. Its vast forests and serene lakes offer a tranquil setting for some stunning photography.

a green valley under a cloudy sky with little lake

Vibrant Life in France, Slovenia, Ireland

Finally, let’s talk about France, Slovenia and Ireland. These countries offer a mix of vibrant city life and charming countryside scenes.

Paris – the city of love! From street photography to capturing iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower – it’s every photographer’s dream destination!

Eiffel Tower under a cloudy sky

Slovenia might be small but don’t underestimate its charm! Its picturesque towns nestled among mountains are worth exploring with your camera.

an aerial photo of a little island surrounded by the body of water and trees

And then there’s Ireland! Rolling green fields as far as the eye can see. It doesn’t get more idyllic than this!

a green valley with a river

Exploring Asia Through the Lens

Asia is a land of contrasts. From ancient temples to modern cityscapes and from serene beaches to rugged mountains – it’s a photographer’s dream.

close up photo of a brown map highlighting Asia

Capturing Cambodia and Myanmar

Cambodia and Myanmar are like open-air museums. The ancient temples here tell stories of rich history and culture. For anyone with a wandering lens, successful travel photographer or not, these countries are nothing short of paradise.

In Cambodia, the Angkor Wat temple complex is a must-visit. Its intricate carvings will leave you spellbound.

Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia

Myanmar isn’t far behind either. With places like Bagan boasting thousands of historic Buddhist temples and stupas, it’s like stepping back in time.

Bagan boasting thousands of historic Buddhist temples and stupas Myanmar

Modern Vs Traditional: Singapore & Tokyo

Next up on our list are Singapore and Tokyo – cities that perfectly blend tradition with modernity.

Singapore’s skyline is an architectural marvel. But amidst the skyscrapers lie pockets of traditional charm like Chinatown and Little India which offer great photo ops.

an ancient architectural structure of Chinatown in Singapore

Tokyo offers similar contrasts too. While areas like Shinjuku scream modernity with neon lights and towering buildings; Asakusa takes you back in time with its old-world charm.

people crossing a pedestrian lane at the night in Shinjuku Tokyo

Diverse Landscapes: Indonesia & China

From Indonesia’s pristine beaches to China’s majestic mountains – the landscapes are as diverse as they come.

Indonesia is all about tropical beauty. Places like Bali offer stunning beach views that any photographer would love to capture through their lens.

Bali Palm Trees at the beach under the sunset

China on the other hand boasts varied landscapes – from Zhangjiajie’s surreal mountain ranges to Yunnan’s rice terraces; there’s no dearth of natural beauty here!

a photo of Great Wall of China surrounded by a green trees and mountain

Uncharted Territories: Turkey, Vietnam & Iran

Lastly we have Turkey, Vietnam and Iran – countries that might not be on every travel photographer’s radar but should be!

Turkey is a mix of East and West. Its bustling bazaars, historic sites like Cappadocia and stunning landscapes make it a photographer’s delight.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon in Turkey with an Icy Mountain

Vietnam offers breathtaking natural beauty. From the terraced fields of Sapa to the limestone karsts of Halong Bay – there’s much to explore and capture.

a rice terraces field surrounded by a mountain in Vietnam

Iran might not be on many travel lists, but its beautiful mosques with intricate designs are truly mesmerizing.

Sheikh lotfollah Mosque in Iran

Embracing the Middle East’s Wonders

Jordan and UAE offer a dream destination for photographers, with their contrasting ancient ruins and modern skyscrapers.

An aerial view photography of a city during at night

Ancient Ruins Vs Modern Skyscrapers

In Jordan, you’ll find yourself captivated by the timeless beauty of Petra. This ancient city, carved into rose-red sandstone cliffs, offers endless opportunities for stunning shots. On the other hand, UAE’s cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a photographer’s paradise with their futuristic skyline.

Brown rock formation of a timeless beauty of Petra in Jordan ancient ruins

Imagine capturing the glow of sunrise over Al Khazneh (The Treasury) in Petra or shooting long-exposure night photos of Burj Khalifa’s shimmering lights in Dubai. The contrast couldn’t be starker yet equally mesmerizing.

Burj Khalifa shimmering light during night time

Drama in Desert Landscapes

Desert landscapes in both Jordan and UAE provide dramatic settings for photography. The vast expanse of Wadi Rum desert in Jordan is a sight to behold with its towering cliffs and red dunes. Likewise, the Empty Quarter desert in UAE is a sea of rolling sand dunes that change color as the sun moves across the sky.

vast dessert, rock formation surrounded by sand dunes

Photographing these deserts at different times of day can yield striking images – from dawn’s soft light casting long shadows to sunset painting the landscape in warm hues.

Richness Through Local Markets

Nothing captures cultural richness quite like local markets or bazaars. In Amman, Jordan’s capital city, you can photograph vibrant scenes at Souk Al Bukharia – from heaps of spices to colorful textiles. In contrast, Dubai’s Gold Souk dazzles with glittering displays of gold jewelry.

These bustling markets not only offer compelling subjects but also allow you to connect with locals and understand their way of life better.

Immersing in Nature’s Wonders

From the stunning landscapes of New Zealand to the diverse wildlife of South Georgia, let’s take a journey through some of the best countries for photography.

a lake surrounded by an icy mountain

New Zealand: A Landscape Photographer’s Dream

New Zealand is a perfect place for landscape photography. Its south island is filled with mountains and beaches that are a feast for your lens. Imagine capturing the sunrise over the Southern Alps or getting that perfect shot of seals lounging on Kaikoura beach!

a seashore scenery at new zealand beach

The Icy Allure of Antarctica and Southern Iceland

If you’re into extreme environments and want unique shots for your portfolio, head to Antarctica or Southern Iceland. These places offer surreal landscapes like ice fields and geysers that you won’t find anywhere else. And don’t forget about those northern lights in Iceland – they’re definitely bucket list material!

snowcapped mountain

Wildlife Wonders in South Georgia

South Georgia Island offers some of the best wildlife photography opportunities on earth. From massive colonies of king penguins to fur seals playing in turquoise waters, it’s a wildlife photographer’s paradise.

a group of penguin standing on a rocky mountain

The Diverse Landscapes of Canada

Canada is another country that’s ideal for landscape photographers. From the towering forests of British Columbia to the rugged coastlines of Nova Scotia, there are endless photography opportunities waiting around every corner.

a mountain reflection on the body of crystal clear water

The USA: A Melting Pot Of Scenery

The USA is more than just city skylines! It boasts amazing landscapes such as Yellowstone National Park’s geysers and Glacier National Park’s glaciers. Whether you’re shooting under Arizona’s starry skies or capturing Florida’s vibrant sunsets over its pristine beaches – America has got it all!

Africa is a photographer’s paradise filled with diverse landscapes and cultures. Let’s explore the best countries for photography in this vibrant continent.

Colorful Moroccan Cities and Namibian Deserts

Morocco is like a kaleidoscope of colors. From the deep blue streets of Chefchaouen to the red walls of Marrakech, every corner is an Instagrammable spot. It’s a road trip dream!

Morroco Blue city

Namibia, on the other hand, offers stark contrast with its vast deserts. The towering dunes of Sossusvlei create dramatic shadows perfect for minimalist shots. And let’s not forget about Deadvlei with its ancient, dead trees against white clay pans – it’s eerily beautiful.

Namibia Vast Desert with dead trees

Uganda’s Rich Wildlife Haven

Next stop is Uganda – home to some of Africa’s most captivating wildlife. If you’re into animal photography, this place is your jackpot! Imagine capturing gorillas in their natural habitat or lions lounging lazily in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This trip will fill your portfolio with unique shots you can’t get anywhere else!

african buffalo in wildlife

Cultural Diversity across African Countries

The cultural diversity in Africa is mind-blowing too! Every country has its own unique traditions and stories waiting to be captured through your lens.

In Morocco, you might photograph snake charmers at Jemaa el-Fnaa square or capture the hustle and bustle of traditional souks (markets). In Uganda, you could document the daily life of Batwa people – one of Africa’s oldest tribes.

Namibia also offers rich cultural experiences. You could take portraits of Himba women adorned with ochre body paint or capture Herero women in their Victorian inspired dresses – talk about fashion fusion!

Which Country Are You Visiting Next?

From the rustic allure of Europe to the vibrant tapestry of Asia, the stark grandeur of the Middle East to the natural wonders of New Zealand and North America, and the diverse beauty of Africa – our planet is a photographer’s paradise. These countries, each unique in their charm and appeal, offer an array of breathtaking vistas that can ignite your passion for photography like never before.

So pack your gear, charge your batteries, and step out into the world. Let these countries inspire you with their captivating landscapes and rich cultures.

Don’t just see them through your lens; experience them, live them. Your next great shot is waiting for you out there. Go find it! And remember, every photograph you take is a story waiting to be told. So go on and tell your story to the world!