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An already accomplished travel writer from the UK, Jack is now a fully fledged part of the WTP in-house contributor team. Based out of the digital nomad hotspot of Chiang Mai in Thailand he shares his knowledge of years living the digital nomad lifestyle from his point of view.
Nikon mirrorless camera featured imagevideo

Nikon Are About To Release Their First Ever FULL-FRAME Mirrorless Camera!

Step aside Sony, a new Nikon mirrorless camera is about to hit the market Since we are all about travel photography here at WTP, we...
What's The Most Important Thing As A Travel Photographer?

What’s The Most Important Thing As A Travel Photographer?

The obvious things aren't always the most important things when it comes to travel photography Knowing how to use a camera is important, yes, but...

Going From Near Bankruptcy To Successful Travel Photographer

Becoming a travel photographer transformed Elia Locardi's life... A lot of us live in a society where it's normal to finish your studies, buy a house,...
Crazy photography bending over backwards

Crazy Photography And The Things People Do Just To Get The Shot

Taking crazy photography to a whole new level... Photographers are known for being a little crazy when it comes to getting the perfect shot sometimes....
Best Places To Shoot Landscape Photography In Patagonia

Best Locations To Shoot Landscape Photography In Patagonia

Landscape photography in Patagonia is like nowhere else in the world Patagonia is a region spread across two countries, Argentina and Chile. It's the tip...

10 Best National Parks In Europe For Photography

The continent is packed full of stunning landscapes, so here are 10 of the best national parks in Europe for photography Whittling down this list...
High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts

5 High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts From Photographers

If you're creating a blog or online portfolio then you should know that to get yourself noticed you have to guest post on other...
Best Greek Islands for Photography

5 Of The Best Greek Islands For Photography

With over 6000 to choose from it can be hard work narrowing down the best Greek islands for photography When it comes to finding the...
Old Victorian Photos

This Is Why People Always Look So Annoyed In Old Victorian Photos

Old Victorian photos don't exactly make their subjects look like they are high on life... Having your photo taken was a status symbol of the...
Cameras on the moon featured image

Did You Know That There Are 12 Hasselblad Cameras On The Moon?

Out of all the things you might expect to find on the surface of the moon, I bet 12 Hasselblad cameras wouldn't be on...


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