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An already accomplished travel writer from the UK, Jack is now a fully fledged part of the WTP in-house contributor team. Based out of the digital nomad hotspot of Chiang Mai in Thailand he shares his knowledge of years living the digital nomad lifestyle from his point of view.
High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts

5 High Authority Websites That Accept Guest Posts From Photographers

If you're creating a blog or online portfolio then you should know that to get yourself noticed you have to guest post on other...
Best Greek Islands for Photography

5 Of The Best Greek Islands For Photography

With over 6000 to choose from it can be hard work narrowing down the best Greek islands for photography When it comes to finding the...
Old Victorian Photos

This Is Why People Always Look So Annoyed In Old Victorian Photos

Old Victorian photos don't exactly make their subjects look like they are high on life... Having your photo taken was a status symbol of the...
Cameras on the moon featured image

Did You Know That There Are 12 Hasselblad Cameras On The Moon?

Out of all the things you might expect to find on the surface of the moon, I bet 12 Hasselblad cameras wouldn't be on...

[Video] Best Camera Bag For Travel

Making sure you have a good quality camera bag to protect your gear is one of the best investments you can make as a...
MySpace Tom

Everyone’s First Friend, MySpace Tom, Is Now An Epic Travel Photographer!

MySpace Tom has picked up a new hobby since retiring in 2009, and he couldn't have chosen a better one! Instantly recognisable by his grainy,...

Best Lens For Travel Photography (2018)

There's a huge range of lenses out there for all systems, so it's not always easy to know which is the best lens for...
Beautiful Sunsets

These Are 5 Of The Most Beautiful Sunsets In The World

If you're a sucker for beautiful sunsets, then look no further... There's nothing better after a day spent travelling and exploring than sitting on a...

10 Of The Best Travel Photos On The Net

A selection of the best travel photos we could find It's easy to get caught up in what you're doing with your own photography that...

Thailand’s Famous Maya Beach Has Closed To Tourists

Maya Beach in Thailand, made famous by the 2000 movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio, has officially closed to tourists One of the most popular...


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