Charlie Gardiner

I'm a professional travel photographer, and I've been living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2016. I make money by working on client assignments, selling stock photography and helping other photographers by sharing my experiences on this website. I move around at my own pace (I hate fast-paced travel) and like to spend a few months getting to know each place I base myself in. My writing and photos have been featured on industry leading websites such as Digital Photography School, Atlas Obscura and the world’s leading underwater photography resource The Underwater Photography Guide. I authored an eBook called “Breaking Into Travel Photography: The complete guide to carving out a career in travel photography” that has been published on Amazon. My stock images have also appeared in ads promoting destinations and companies that sometimes has been a surprise, even to me. But I guess that’s the nature of stock photography, you never know who will license them! I'm always happy to connect, so feel free to reach out!

Day Trips From Barcelona

5 Day Trips From Barcelona

Got a spare day while you are in Barcelona? Need some inspiration of what to do with it? Then these 5 day trips from Barcelona are what you’re looking for!

Barge on the Danube

The Story Behind: Barge on the Danube

Not all images are a result of meticulous planning, preparation and research. This one certainly wasn’t. I’ll quickly set the scene. So it’s winter time (mid February) and I’m in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, it’s my very last day there after spending 3 days visiting the city. I was catching a flight back to …

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