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Charlie, originally from the UK but currently based in Spain, is a travel photographer and writer. For the last few years he has been lucky enough to turn his passion for travel and photography into his full time job by working with some of the most well known brands out there & is always on the lookout for his next adventure wherever that may be.
Travel Photography Tips Featured Image

5 Quick-Fire Travel Photography Tips

Level up with these easy and simple travel photography tips No matter how advanced we think we are, it's always nice to refresh the basics...
Drive across Europe with Driiveme

You Can Now Rent A Car And Drive Across Europe For Just £1

This is how you can drive across Europe for just £1 £1 (approximately $1.40) doesn't get you much these days, but it now gets you...
Making money with stock photography

Unraveling The Mystery: Making Money With Stock Photography

Stock photography is maybe the easiest way of selling your photos online for money... Admittedly not just anyone can submit their holiday snaps, sit around...
Travel Photographer of the Year

Here’s Your Chance To Become National Geographic’s Travel Photographer Of The Year

How does becoming Nat Geo Travel Photographer of the Year + receiving $10,000 sound? Every year the editorial giant runs its Travel Photographer of the...
Best Travel Photographers

Some Of The Best Travel Photographers You Should Be Following

These are some of the best travel photographers you'll find on the internet With so many photographers lurking in all corners of the internet these...

Selling Travel Photography. No, It’s Not Impossible…

It's true that selling travel photography isn't easy, at least in the beginning, but it's not completely impossible... It's the same when starting any new...

A Complete Guide To The Beautiful Spanish Basque Country

The Spanish Basque Country promises a photographic, culinary and cultural experience you can't find anywhere else The Spanish Basque Country, known as Euskadi in the Basque...

How To Take Killer Drone Photos | DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial

Taking your drone photography to the next level... In this quick video from Mango Street, you'll learn about 6 awesome tips to really help elevate...

A Lens Review: The Fujinon XF 35mm f2

Here's why the Fujifilm XF 35mm f2 lens is a must-have addition to your kit bag The XF 35mm f2 lens was Fuji's upgrade from...

Move Over Instagram There’s A New App On The Block Called Vero

Vero is a new social media app that has got people saying it could knock Instagram off its perch Vero has been taking the internet...




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