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Hi, I'm Charlie. Originally from the UK, but brought up in Spain, I'm a travel photographer and passionate writer. For the last few years, I've been lucky enough to turn my passion for travel photography and writing into my full-time job. It allows me to travel the world doing what I love. A fun fact about me is that I'm also a qualified scuba diving instructor so in my spare time when I'm not behind a camera or laptop, you'll probably find me underwater somewhere!
Fuji landscape lens

XF10-24mm f4: Best Fuji Landscape Lens?

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Doi in Cee Featured Image

Doi In Cee Chiang Rai: Info and Photos

Doi in Cee is a Buddhist temple about 15kms outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Most tourists haven't heard of it, and even less will...
Travel Photographer's Salary

A Typical Travel Photographer’s Salary

I want to start by saying that there isn't one definitive answer when it comes to how big or small a travel photographer's salary...
Travel Photography Hashtags

42 Travel Photography Hashtags That Work!

These travel photography hashtags will inspire you and get your photos noticed like no others So, you want to find new travel photography hashtags? Great,...
A person holding up a mobile phone taking a picture of a sunset

The Best Mobile Phones For Photography

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Canon lens caps

10 Best Canon Lenses For Travel Photography

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3 men walking across the main runway in Gibraltar

Your Ultimate Guide To Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a tiny rock on the south coast of Spain that has been ruled by the British since 1713 Crossing the border into Gibraltar...
A man taking a photo of a woman standing in front of many hot air balloons in the sky.

43 Things I Learnt In My First Year As A Travel Photographer

1) Uploading stock photography SUCKS Tagging, writing descriptions, titles... It all SUCKS. 2) Getting paid from stock photography is awesome Oh, that sweet sweet passive income. 3) Always...
Friday Feature Morgan Petersen

#FridayFeature: Morgan Petersen

#FridayFeature is a weekly segment where we showcase one photographer and their work every week for you to draw inspiration from. This week's Friday Feature...
A typical pueblo blanco

Istan: An Authentic White Village In Spain

Istan is a picture-perfect village tucked away in the Andalusian mountains The white villages, or pueblos blancos as they are known in Spanish, can be...


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